Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hello all

UFOs. Boy do I have plenty. I think it's more that I have start-itis. I just keep wanting to start things. Somehow finishing rarely seems to come in to the equation. I'm sure no one here knows the feeling.

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to my two UFOs of choice for now. First my Vierlanden Sampler by Martina Dey.
1_23_2008 083
I'll get a better picture for you. It's about 3 feet square and I'm maybe 10 inches down from the top on it. I'm working it in 2 Carrie's Creations threads and 1 Needle Necessities. I probably started it in 2006 or maybe 2005. It was originally a mystery sampler where we got 1 page a week for a year. My problem, I think, is that the very large motifs are disheartening. If I could finish one in a couple days I'd be happily working away one it, but at my pace it takes steady for for more than a week to do one motif. That's just depressing.

I'm also bringing along a needlepoint UFO:
3_12_2009 008
It's a powwow shawl dancer that I started in 2005 I think. It's really simple stitching, but the problem is I am doing it mostly in Kreinik and I really, really hate working in Kreinik.

I'm hoping for an hour a week on both pieces, but my history indicates that might be a bit too adventurous a promise.


Carolyn NC said...

Both are really pretty - looking forward to your progress!

Sea said...

I'm sure you'll finish them now. I joined just over a week ago. I've found telling people that you are going to work on your UFO makes sure that you do.

Yoyo said...

Love both you pieces, and I think I'd feel exactly the same about both of them. When I do a "motif" sampler I want to finish a motif every time I sit down and who doesn't hate working with Krenick! But we're here to help, so even if it's not an hour show us what you do.

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grannyanne said...

I think this blog really helps those of us who put things away to finish sometime.I am sure you will make progress now with the encouragement of the rest of us. Yes I know I still have the TW Peacock to finish but it will be on this blog sometime in the future!!! For now it is back to Henry. Happy stitching everyone.

Karen said...

I love the colors on the sampler...can't wait to see more of this one. Wishing you happy UFO stitches...

MarchAnn58 said...

My goodness that is a large sampler. I am working on Mary Wigham and it took me 3 nights to do one on the medalions so I know what you mean and it was not as large as these seem to be. Wonderful piece so far and the the dancer is real nice too.

Mel said...

Those are both lovely pieces. I'm so glad you have decided to work on them. :)