Sunday, 20 June 2010

Shame about the shoes!!

Once again my progress on 'Breaktime'. Nearly time for the big roll up. I must remember to take a photo of it unrolled first. So that you will be able to see it all so far. The weather's been beautiful so expect lots of you are out in gardens and things. Enjoy while the sun shines.

Happy stitching to all of you.

Murky Manor

From looking at the blog fellow Ufoers seem to have been suffering from "I don't want to do that at the moment" I know I have. I take my hat off to Jen and Justflo who have made real progress. As you can see from the photo I have made very little progress. I have just filled in the window area. I managed to use the wrong colour on that so reverse stitching was the order of the day. I am not finding it too easy to stitch on the fabric without a good light and magnifying glass because another error I made was miscounting the threads. I don't know when I will do some more because I want to finish The Wool Gatherer and the July teapot. Happy stitching everyone.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Tuscan Gardens

Here is my latest progress picture of Tuscan Gardens. I've not really done much work on this since about Easter. I did, in the end, decide to frog most of the pale blue hill as it was stitched with thread that seemed to be of a different dye lot. I think that this is about a third complete now. The aim is to get it finished by the end of the year.