Thursday, 30 April 2009

New life for my UFO....

So glad I found this blog from Carolyn's blog. Thanks Jen for the chance to join. I have several UFO's but have giving my attention to SB "Herb Gatherer", which I began the summer of 1998.

Here is the current state of my UFO and Friday nights are my designated UFO night. I always loved the design and not quite sure why I never really got into stitching it, but know that I will definitely be motivated to stitch it now!

Karen T
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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My UFO is

TW The Storyteller. I started it Sept. 20, 2005. This is for my 19 year old son. he loves TW and her dragons. I already stitched The Castle. Why is this a UFO? it's a TW what else needs to be said LOL. All the color changes and backstitching aauugghh. I will be stitching this on Mondays.

My UFO that needs attention....

Hi all! Thanks to Jen for letting me join....I certainly need to be motivated on all my UFOs, but the one I have chosen is a special case. My sister-in-law (DH's sis) is married to a great guy from New Zealand and they have 3 kids. We visited them down under way back in 2000, and got the grand tour of the North Island. While in Taupo we visited a cross stitch store (of course, you say!) and SIL offered to buy a chart by Susan Ryder for me if I would stitch it for her and her Hubby. It was the Heritage Stitchcraft map of New Zealand, and not looking too closely, I said Sure! So I get home and start it the next year (2001), and quickly discovered how LARGE it was! At the time I had not stitched anything so large, and with so MANY color changes, so by the time I had done the coastline of the South Island I was in trouble! There is a small pic here in the center of the page if you are interested in the final product. It's been languishing ever since, and after several large project experiences, including three Chatelaines, I feel like it's time to drag it out for some, SIL and family are here in the US for an extended visit and are returning in August, so IF I can get it stitched by then, she can take it home and get it framed down there! How's that for brilliant? ;-)

I'd like to give it a few days in May and see how much I can get done, then decide if it's possible to finish it by the end of August....or continue on and mail it for Christmas (still to be framed there due to the cost of shipping it so far already framed). Here's the last pic, as of the end of 2001.

Spot the difference!

OK, so Sunday evening of a 'Railway Weekend' is my allocated time for the UFO I have chosen. Well what with one thing and another it didn't happen. Now it would have been so tempting to say, never mind I'll leave it 'til next time. But, no, inspired by everyone else I stitched on it on Monday evening.

Can you spot the difference? Maybe if this photo was clickable so you could enlarge it (if you know how to do this then please email me with instructions as I don't) you will see some backstitch on the completed bear. I actually quite enjoyed working on this. Heaven knows why it became a UFO in the first place. The Country Companions UFO, still in a drawer at 'The Railway', now that's another story.

Hockey Rivalry

Due to the motivation created by this wonderful blog, I have decided to pull this UFO out of my "UFO black hole" and add it to my weekly stitching projects. I saw this wonderful pattern in one of the many needlework catalogs I receive and due to my hockeymom status, I knew it was something that I had to stitch. So I ordered it last fall and worked on it for about 3 months, then it just got too tedious and I lost patience.

Title: Hockey Rivalry
Designer: D.R. Laird
Kit: Dimensions (contained cotton thread, blending filament, needle, instructions, and 16 ct aida - which I traded in for 32ct hand-dyed evenweave).

So, here I am, publicly announcing that I will finish this project before the end of the year!

King of the Hill

This is what my finished UFO project will look like.

This is what it looks like right now....

I got it as a kit from Hobby Lobby last year for my son, Noah. He turns 11 tomorrow. I was so excited when I first got it and thought I would have it done in no time. But maybe it's because it's solid stitching, or that it's mostly dull colors or maybe because I'm hiding it from Noah, I've gotten nowhere! I'm so scared if I don't get it done soon he'll be out of his "I love wolves" stage.

This will be my weekend project and I'm hoping to get it finished this year.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Disney UFO

Hi everyone,
I think this is such a great idea and I'm so happy to join you all in it.

First I guess I want to tell you the story and see if you think you'd even finish the UFO that I have...

So about three years ago I was dating a guy, pretty nice guy, very obsessed with starting a family. He had picked up for me when he was in California one summer (we live in Canada) this beautiful Disney piece by Stoney Creek called Past, Present, Future. The idea was that I would stitch it up for a potential child that we would one day have...
Then that same summer a few months later disaster hit that idea... I have a feminine disease that will make it unlikely for me to have children (and they don't suggest I try unless I am completely set on it). I was a bit crushed, but kinda got over it. He did not get over it... I continued working on the piece for another year and a half until we finally split up.
There is a happy end to this story though... just a few months ago (now just over a year since the split up with the other guy) I moved in with a guy I had seen years back, who is super nice. I had gotten quite sick and he moved in with me to help me out.. and has just never left! :) He has no quams about us having no children and in fact prefers that (or we have discussed adopting a child too!)

Okay so to make my long story short... I have this epic UFO that could be nice (though I stitched it three threads on 28ct evenweave which I would not ever do again, it's too bulky but way, but too late to change it). Would you finish stitching it? And when you're done with it what would you do with it? I have considered trying to finish it and if one of my good friends has a baby giving it to them... or even donating it to a hospital or something for display... but just seem to feel gross everytime I try to stitch the piece as I am a bit bitter over being left just because I couldn't have kids.

Sorry this is a long and epic post.
Here is a (bad) picture of it I took last year. I should get a new one and post it up here for you ladies. (the bottom is stitched but got cut off by my scroll rods... really need a new pic of this)
So I guess I want your thoughts and opinions on what you would do with this...
(oh I have also considered seeing if someone else just wants the pattern and they can have my half done piece and finish it themselves too). I figure there is another 4 months at least of time to go into this piece to finish it, if it was stitched as the only piece (I have numerous pieces on the go right now)

Monday, 27 April 2009

Wicked Witch of the West

I'm posting the project I've decided to upgrade from UFO to WIP. It's the Wicked Witch of the West, which is probably close to ten years old. I've started it twice but keep losing my place on the background circle. As I have a major project I'm working on right now for my cousin, I plan to work on this only one hour a week starting in May. Even that will be big progress.

Glad to join you all and watch your progress. I'm cheering you on!

Grannyanne Beach Hut

Well I've done some, not as much as I hoped because feeding two hungry boys took away some sewing time. The tap is now dripping and the beach ball is complete perhaps I should finish the swimsuit next. I will do a bit more at the weekend. I am so impressed by the designs which other members are doing. Mine is easy by comparison. I do have other UFO's which are more complicated but I thought start small and work up. You could have quite a discussion on whether something qualifies as a UFO or not. For example I opened up a kit some years ago, Father Christmas with a wish list, started to sort the threads saw just how many bundles there were and put it away. The kit has been opened so is it a UFO or just another item in the stash? Happy stitching everyone and thank you Jen for providing the opportunity for us all to encourage each other with our unfinished projects.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

We're Off

Well surprise surprise, I have made a start on my UFO. After thinking I knew exactly where everything to do with this UFO was -Horror of Horrors- I couldn't find the chart. So it was then as case of where and when did I last see it. I came to the conclusion it was when I was visiting my sister. Gasp! I hear you all thinking just go and get it. Not that simple- she lives a few hundred miles from me. I kept looking at home. Relief I found it. It was tucked safely in a bag so that I didn't lose it.(Please tell me I am not the only one who does this). Several deep breaths and a large drink (tea- honest). Out came the hoop and you've guessed it I sat down and began to stitch the dreaded UFO. Two minutes later I was frogging, I had already gone wrong- one thread out. Still not to be daunted I squared my shoulders and off again my trusty needle flashing (slight exageration) through the air. I thought 'this isn't so bad ' and patted myself on the back. Give it another twenty minutes or so and I'm frogging yet again (I told you I was an expert). I have not given up, found out the magnifying glass to try and make out some of the chart. My dearly beloved(Husband) has copied them for me on the computer so that I can mark off where I'm up to, but the actual chart in parts really is not clear so obviously although enlarged I am still have some deciding to do. There are millions of half stitches and I am brilliant at putting them in with the wrong colour or at the wrong angle (frogging again). Goodness knows how I'll go on with the back stitching. I think if the back stitching is laid out flat it'll go to the moon and back. I have done a little on the 'frill' part around the saddle. I've put on a photo for you to see what I am trying do. You will have to decide on my progress. This is three and a bit days (not full days) mainly afternoons.

I change to my WIP in the evenings which is a Jim Shore piece called Santa's Workshop. Anyhow let me know what you think. All encouragement received with much thanks. To be truthful- without this blog this cross stitch would probably still be in the cupboard. Thanks Jen.

Friday, 24 April 2009

The Starting Post (possibly)

Just to keep you watchers informed on my progress(or lack of). Being honest here folks, haven't done any yet Ooops. New cross pieces for my frame not in stock so am considering using a hoop for a short while. I've got out of the habit of using a hoop and don't want to spoil the fabric. I'll just have to remember to take it out of the hoop when I've done some. No pics this time as it hasn't altered yet but it is going to. Keep encouragement coming I think I'm going to need oooooodles of it!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Jumping In....

My name is Sharon and I own a UFO. (Bows head in shame).... My piece is Paula Vaughn's "Delicate Beauties". When I first saw this piece, I just HAD to have it. I put the first stitches into this in 2006. I just love the colors and the quilt, but little by little, it sank further to the bottom of my "pile". I think it became a UFO because of it's size. (That's my story and I'm sticking with it). This isn't the type or size project that you can throw in a "grab and go" bag to be stitched while waiting during sports practices and other activities. This project has lots of confetti stitches and color changes so I really have to pay attention to what I'm doing. Quiet time is at a premium around my home (wouldn't have it any other way!!), but it does make it difficult to find time to work on the "concentrate" project. I REALLY do want to finish this - ya'all just keep after me, okay?? :)
Looking forward to meeting and encouraging everyone,
Sharon in FL


I am Carolyn from NC. I bought this Drawn Thread Souvenir Sampler design late 2005, spent oodles of time personalizing it for my family, started it, and stopped. I think it was because the centering was off, even though there's room. Now I need to re-personalize it because events have changed. I've also realized that drat it, I forgot that it was 28 and not 32 ct. and have very little room at the bottom. Must have been half asleep when I started. Picture is of it now, but I have to frog it and start again.

I also have a Nouveau Encore personalized sampler that I bought two-three years ago, started and stopped a few times, and really want to stitch it. I'm devoting at least one day a month to each sampler; hopefully more, but I'll keep it simple for now. Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress!

Monday, 20 April 2009

My choice is ...

This is the Teepee Bears, designed by Joan Elliott for Bucilla. It was started 8 - 11 years ago and I do not know why it was never finished. I'm going to allocate every other Sunady evening to this, yes I'm starting small. Looks like lots of backstitching is required, joy, maybe that's why it became a UFO?

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The One that got Away (with many others)

Well here it is. Started approx .1991 (definitely qualifies as a UFO) . It's that long ago I can't honestly remeber why I folded it up and put it away. Perhaps I got my mind blown by all the 1/2 stitches and blends of this Teresa Wentzler design. I have started to do some of it recently when I found it again.At this point I discovered that although I had all the threads and chart I had miraculously lost the important part that told me what the blends and symbols were. So I contacted Janlynn and they sent them to me. My excuses for not getting it done are dwindling. But at the moment it is once again cast into the unknown while I get a wider frame. By the time it's finished the Carousel will have updated and will now probably be space ships and all kinds of animals from someone's colourful imagination. Perhaps I'll try the rota system. Trouble with that for me is I find that I am enjoying what I've started and forget to change. I've got to be truthful and say I almost unpicked what I had done to use the fabric for somthing else but then I thought don't give in, get it done. So by putting it on this blog perhaps I will (nothing with me is ever definite). Now I will have to do some of it so watch out I just may surprise you and even myself.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I started this on a Rhine cruise in September 2007. I had really enjoyed doing other cut-through designs by Bothy Threads but I have found this one a bit of a strain. I think this is because I do not find it as humorous as the others. Perhaps this blog will spur me on. My next post should show some progress because I plan on doing some next week. Does a project that you have not even started count as a UFO when you have had the kit for years?

One that got finished

This project lay languishing under the stereo system for a number of years!

It's called Inland Waterways from Heritage Crafts. This kit was bought at the end of canal boat holiday on the Llangollen Canal with the fiancee. I started it almost straight away but did not like the way the big rivers were done, two strands of floss, it looked 'clumpy'. So it was put away. The fiancee turned into an ex fiancee and the project gathered dust under the stereo, I didn't have a stash room in those days. I don't know what made me retrieve it, maybe it got caught in the hoover, I don't know, but I frogged the river and got going again. It now hangs in the living room.