Thursday, 23 April 2009


I am Carolyn from NC. I bought this Drawn Thread Souvenir Sampler design late 2005, spent oodles of time personalizing it for my family, started it, and stopped. I think it was because the centering was off, even though there's room. Now I need to re-personalize it because events have changed. I've also realized that drat it, I forgot that it was 28 and not 32 ct. and have very little room at the bottom. Must have been half asleep when I started. Picture is of it now, but I have to frog it and start again.

I also have a Nouveau Encore personalized sampler that I bought two-three years ago, started and stopped a few times, and really want to stitch it. I'm devoting at least one day a month to each sampler; hopefully more, but I'll keep it simple for now. Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress!


Sharon said...

Wow - what incredibly beautiful projects!! One stitch at a time - I can't wait to watch these "bloom". :)

Jen said...

Two UFOs on the go, that's dedication. I am really looking forward to seeing these progress. I can understand why getting things in the wrong position or doing the wrong colour stops the work (see recent post on my main blog for more about that one. Are you going to stick to the colours for Nouveau Encore or are you going to change them?

Flo said...

Hi there, Your pieces will be lovely when you finished them. (Please notice I said 'when 'and not'if') I have every confidence in you. Just do it little by little. Just to boost you- I have become an expert frogger, I have probably frogged more than ever completed but I keep on trying. I'll be watching your progress. Good Luck

grannyanne said...

Won't it be wonderful if we all manage to finish at least one of our UFOs. Your designs look splendid. Perhaps with mutual encouragement we will all be successful.