Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Day 1 of the Kipper stitch rotation

I started a rotation including all my curret projects. Today was Day 1 and Kipper was first up. I stitched a little of the blanket that lies around his legs and feet. Not much but I am okay with the fact that I am a slow stitcher.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Ed Hedgehog

This week I managed to complete the back stitching on Ed Hedgehog, the only bit salvageable from my Country Companions Sampler UFO.

Ed Hedgehog
He is probably going to end up as a decoration on the front of a tote bag, which I still have to make!

With Ed out of the way I can make a start on my next UFO which is Michael Powell's Tuscan Gardens II which when finished should look like this.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Secret garden Chatelaine Mystery X

It has been some time since I posted because I keep forgetting to take photographs. I have made reasonable progress on the last side. The final building is nearly complete but there is still a lot of work to do in the corners and border.I am hoping to have it finished by the end of August, which will not be easy bexause I am on holiday for a time. I hope other members who have forgotten to post like me will do so because it really is a spur to see other people's work.

]Well here's where I'm up to. I've been plodding along with the border which I can tell you is a real headache. The half stitches and blends aren't getting any easier. I had a look on the TW website just to see the other three seasons of horses and came to the conclusion that I picked the nicest.
It's only with your great support and lovely coments that this is getting done + the fact that I posted it on this brill web-site.
To all you other UFO'ers out there enjoy your stitching and don't forget to post your pics.
Happy stitching to you all.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My oldest stitching is Kipper

My name is Chrizette and I am the newest member of this blog. I am new to cross stitching too and am looking forward to the motivation that I hope I will find here. Can't wait to meet everyone :)

Being new to stitching means that I do not have any UFO's that are years old. My oldest WIP is this one - Kipper. It was a pattern in a Cross stitch magazine some years ago (got a bunch of magazines from a fellow-stitcher) and I started it in May 2009.

I am planning on starting a rotation but I want to have this one finishe
d by the end of the year. It is not my favourite, so I will have to force myself to stitch on it. I am planning on one day a week (week nights I only stitch mostly two hours). This is where I am at the moment.

More pictures are on my blog: www.allthedaysof.blogspot.com

TW The Storyteller 7-20 progress

I put in about 3 hours on this , yesterday. I have a little bit of backstitching to do on the corner and then move onto the next page.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Poor Little Mermaid!

Hello! My name is Deborah/Lavender Rose (http://lavenroseramblings.blogspot.com/) and I'm a hopeful new member of the Group. I'm hoping I'll be able to give a head and a tail to my poor Mermaid of the Pearls!
Pearls was started in 2006....: I have a picture of how far I got by April of 2007, but it's too sad to show here. I've been putting the beads and metallics in as I stitch, which is just the way I learned to stitch as a needlepointer. It's easiest for me.
My intention is to finish her in 2010 for my daughter, Jessica, who reminds me several times a year that she'd really like Pearls finished since I promised her to Jess years ago!!! To that goal, I pledge to stitch on her every other Saturday for 1 hour, at least.
I think the problem that's held me back is that I made a mistake somewhere on the body section and I just don't want to take the whole thing out!! So I have to work around it, now. I mean the body of the tail section. Hopefully, I can find the error and at least find a way to salvage it.
Thanks for your support in this. Pearls really needs you and so do I.
I also pledge to give you all the support I can by comments and being faithful to keep my end of the bargain up. Your work inspires me..... so please don't give up on yourself and your lovely projects. :)
Hugs, Deb
PS: I want to thank every single one of you who've commented and encouraged me to keep going with "Pearl." Thanks, also, for your kind welcome to the Group. I'm going to stitch on her tonight! Tuesday, 8.4.09 :]

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Walking Seaside Sweethearts. . .

Someday maybe . . . but I doubt it ~ but then that's another story!!!
I have got some progress, see ~ I told you so!
They now both have feet
and have they
been doing some walking on the beach!
I try to put some beach
in every night but it takes so long!
Sometimes I think I am the slowest stitcher alive.
But that is just silly ~ I don't know every stitcher.
See those feet? Walking feet! YEA!
I have got all of the sea on her side done
and now I just have to do his.
But never fear there is a lot of stitching left!
It will take me a couple of days to do just all the sea grass and such!
I tried to find the old picture but it is not here.
So where could it have gone?
Who knows!
Actually, it is in the post before this one.
Take care all and thanks for looking I appreciate it so much.
You all are my inspiration and without your comments I could not get as much done as I do.
It is sooooo enjoyable, thanks!
God Bless ~

Friday, 17 July 2009

Seaside Sweethearts . . .

Here I am again with this same picture!
But guess what, I have made incredible progress.
She is now the proud owner of legs and feet.
They are standing in sand when
they aren't walking along the beach, holding hands.
There is actually water on the woman's side
and her skirt is all stitched.
Then there is beach sand under the water.
I will go and have my disk made tomorrow since I am off.
Underneath the man's feet there is also sand.
I will post my progress. I hope to stitch on it some tomorrow, too.
God Bless all,

Thursday, 16 July 2009

My Angel...

Hello stitchers! I'm the new UFO'er and the UFO I have chosen (from many, many) is without a name or designer as it was a homemade chart from ebay, but I call it 'My Angel'.

I have been working on it for over 8 years, and I put it to one side an age ago and rarely picked it up again because of a whole line of mistake I made. I didn't realise that I was a whole line out at the time, and when I finally realised....I was waaaay past the point of no return. Every time I picked it up I saw the mistake. It doesn't help that it is almost entirely made up of confetti stitches and barely 2 of the same colour are close together.

However, as it turns out, this mystery chart resembles my daughter and so I'd love to get it framed and on the wall. When I started it my daughter was just a baby, now she is 8 and the chart looks uncannily like her. I'm happy to be here with everyone so I can perhaps be spurred on to keep at it. When I picked it up again, I found that I no longer see the mistake so maybe I'll get through it this time. I've got incentive this time. Although, even without the likeness to my daughter I'd still like to finish it, it's such a pretty project.

I'd like to try for every other Monday evening as my stitching goal to start with. I have a LOT of other WIP's to get through too, in between times.

There are other pics of this UFO at my blog - Silver Thistle

Judgement Dragons...

Slow and steady wins the race right?
Cause then I must be in first cause this piece just seems to take an eternity. :)
I do love stitching it don't get me wrong. Just feel sometimes like I never get anywhere. I was hoping to have page 3 done by the end of the month. But I think I'm delusional. And being busy with work and freelancing and you know life in general never helps.
Here is where I was a month ago...

Here is my progress so far this time around:

Whew... I suppose you can see where I stitched but geez... can you believe that is more than 20 hours!?!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Just when I thought I was going to start something new, I found something else unfinished at the bottom of my sewing drawer.

I'll have a couple of days off and then begin work on the unfinished one.


You know Seaside Lovers . . .

She now has two legs with feet attached! Yea!
I put some beach under both their feet and her skirt can blow up with the breeze.
I saw them walking down the beach together holding hands.
She would stop occasionally and pick up sea shells.
When I go to the beach that is exactly what I do.
Because I love the beach so much. I was 18 years old before I ever saw a beach and I have been in love ever since.
Lobster, the beach, a beautiful sunset ~ yummy can't resist it.
Tomorrow it is on to the water and oat grass and sand.
Thanks for your comments it means a lot.
Take care and God Bless as always!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Seaside Sweethearts . . .

Here is my progress on the Seaside Sweethearts!
He does have legs and her dress is almost done.
I just have a couple of stitches to do on her dress and then I can do those legs and feet. YEA!!!
I worked on it tonight and I almost got her dress finished.
He is holding her up until I can get her feet on.
Tomorrow!!! I promise!
It is so interesting that there are so many different colors in her dress. Who would ever think it would look so nice when finished?
I want to get busy with the water, clouds, sea grass and oat grass and get this finished so I can stitch on something else.
Take care and thanks for looking.
God Bless ~

Tw The Storyteller progress

I stitched on this all day today , on the top border.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Stumbled at Fence(but still in the race)

At last an update on my TW Carousel Horse. I've been backstitching for what seems like an age . The chart is so hard to read I've had to do it by using a magnifying glass on the picture (and guesswork). There has been some frogging as usual but I'm becoming quite an expert at that now. As you can see I've started part of the border. I decided that I'd do some border, some backstitching and some horse-I've got my own rota going with it. I'm not sure that progress is as obvious but as it all has to be done I may as well do it like that. I've enjoyed watching all the progress reports on other UFOs and must congratulate you all. Happy stitching to everyone.

Another Peacock Tapestry Update

It has been awhile since my last update because for the past month or so I a have been working exclusively on the Kustom Krafts February 1st Mystery SAL and finished it earlier this week. (You can see a picture of it on my blog.)

Last night I picked up the Peacock Tapestry again and have finally added a few more stitches to the piece.

For the next little while I hope to alternate working on this along with the Pamela Kellogg Garden Fantasy Garden Mystery SAL (As you may have noticed, I have a weakness for Mystery SALs).

My brother showed my mother my blog a couple of weeks ago and now she is excited to have me finish the Peacock Tapestry.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Those Seaside Sweethearts

Sorry I have to keep using this picture.
I plan to get my pictures updated this Sunday!

He now has legs and she has most of her skirt.

I got my fabric today from Silkweavers and I had to put in my grid after a fashion so I didn't get any real stitching done.
I have to work today, Independence Day, not for me, so I will stitch some on it tonight.
So come July 4th late at night I will have her legs and feet in and maybe all of her dress. That dress has so many stops and starts it's hard to get them all done.

I wish all my online friends the very Happiest of Fourths!!!
Be safe and have fun.

God Bless America !!!
The very best place to be.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Seaside Sweethearts . . .

can soon walk on the beach! He has his feet and I am getting closer to hers. I finished him completely tonight. I worked on her skirt and got about half of it stitched while watching a mean Gary Cooper in a Western. I like him better in so many other movies. HUBBA-HUBBA!
Hopefully tomorrow I will finish her skirt and then I can start on the beach and all the reeds and Oat grass. Then comes the water and clouds. I will get those pictures up tomorrow, I hope.
Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it so much. Thanks to all the ladies for your encouraging comments and for following my blog! It had been worth it to get all your sweet messages.
Got to go to bed. Good Night all!
God Bless ~