Saturday, 4 July 2009

Those Seaside Sweethearts

Sorry I have to keep using this picture.
I plan to get my pictures updated this Sunday!

He now has legs and she has most of her skirt.

I got my fabric today from Silkweavers and I had to put in my grid after a fashion so I didn't get any real stitching done.
I have to work today, Independence Day, not for me, so I will stitch some on it tonight.
So come July 4th late at night I will have her legs and feet in and maybe all of her dress. That dress has so many stops and starts it's hard to get them all done.

I wish all my online friends the very Happiest of Fourths!!!
Be safe and have fun.

God Bless America !!!
The very best place to be.


Carolyn NC said...

Great pic - good luck!

Loretta said...

Beautiful piece. You are making great progress!