Thursday, 31 December 2009

Dragons Update

Well as the holidays are quickly closing in on me I have realized I haven't stitched all that much. (it's that darn Wii we got for Xmas I tell you, haha).
But, I do have an update. Here is my dragons so far:

I just want to say welcome to a few of our new members to this board. We are growing and it's great! I look forward to many more UFO finishes in 2010 from everyone!

Windswept Santas

This is a UFO I am doing alongside the TW. It is one of the kits I am stitching in Yoyo's Christmas SAL. It became a UFO some year's ago because I just got tired of it. The kit has been brought out again and I have now finished the first Santa and I have started the second. Considering that they are so small there is quite a lot of work in them. I want them on the tree next Christmas so that will spur me on. Happy New Year to my fellow UFOers.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

New UFO Unearthed.

Well here it is. Did you guess correctly from my taster pic a few weeks ago.? I bet you didn't.
When I started this I couldn't figure out how to hold it so it's a case of taking it out and working it from a different angle.

It could take a bit of doing as it's 42" long although only 9" wide. On the plus side it's just straight colours.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Trees Update

Just a quick post with a little update. Twins are poorly at the moment & I'm just waiting for our Dr to give me a call back.

Thought I'd let you see the small amount of progress that I've made on Christmas Trees. I need to add the backstitch to the gingham tree & thats the 2nd of 5 trees complete. Slow going but at least it's going in the right direction :-)

Sorry about the blurry picture, not sure what happened there!

Lisa xx

Lisa's Stitching Life

Monday, 7 December 2009

Update on Italian Garden, and this month's UFO

November was not a good month, I did a lot of stitching though. If you want to know the backstory visit my blog. At least I managed to get rid of another UFO in the process. There was less left to do than I thought, plus it was good for me to stitch. Liz Turner Diehl's 17th Century Italian Garden is DONE! I added a close-up of the center section cause I love how it turned out, and the couched rings as well. There was supposed to be couched twisted braid in the rectangles above and below the rings (where now you see pink/lavender flowers). I just could NOT get that braid to fit in the figure-8 small spaces, so I "punted" as it were. Shush, don't tell!

This month of December I got out another UFO, Fanta Cat's Dragon Feathers Afghan.
I finished the two top blocks over the weekend, and I have 8 blocks left on the right side until this is also finished...wish me luck!

New member waving hello

Hello everyone!

I'm joining the group as yet another Teresa Wentzler pattern addict. I have a few of her projects which have fallen into UFO-land, and your little community seems like a nice one to share with. :)

I'm focusing on two of the projects at time in my rotation. They both fell off the wheels due to a combination of life insanity from planning my wedding two years ago followed suddenly by DH's mother passing away (and our house becoming cluttered as we went through her things). Both of these have been in UFO land now since 2006. I just started stitching again in October, and I've managed to do 10 hours on each of them so far. Here's the current status (I'll post them individually after this):

Egyptian Sampler:
Egyptian Sampler - 4 Oct 09

Floral Bellpull: (everything above this square is done... so I'm on the 4th of 6!)
Floral Bellpull (Teresa Wentzler) as of 18 Nov 2009

I'm planning on putting 10 hours of each of them per rotation. Hopefully I'll do them both each month, but in reality, I'll probably get 10 hours done on one or the other every month, as my rotation seems to be a 2-month plan.

Nice to meet you all!

- Measi