Thursday, 31 December 2009

Dragons Update

Well as the holidays are quickly closing in on me I have realized I haven't stitched all that much. (it's that darn Wii we got for Xmas I tell you, haha).
But, I do have an update. Here is my dragons so far:

I just want to say welcome to a few of our new members to this board. We are growing and it's great! I look forward to many more UFO finishes in 2010 from everyone!


Lisa said...

Well done on your progress, Dragons is coming along nicely. Full marks too for posting an end of year update.

Karen said...

Great progress on your UFO. I need to drag mine back out....very motivated by everyone elses' progress.

Justflo said...

Happy New Year to You.

Well done on progress on your Dragons.

Jen said...

Great progress Mel.

grannyanne said...

I just would not have the patience to do this piece. You are doing really well. Hope to see more progress in the coming year.