Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Beginning of the End ...

Hi! My blogging name is Spanish Princess and I am a chronic starter! When it come to craft projects that is ... cross stitch, sewing, quilting or scrapbooking ... I am totally out of control. They are my kryptonite ... the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyl. I see something that catches my eye and it consumes me until I start it. I am axious to see it through, imagining how and where it will be desplayed, but then some other "shiny object" catches my attention and I am like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

I have decided that I need to consolidate all my "starts" and turn them into "finishes". So I decided to head here and join other "starters" hoping for a little encouragement and inspiration along my journey.

My current piece is not so much a WIP in the sense that its been sitting tucked away for a while. I actually started in March, just after I had my first baby. It is his Christmas stocking, but trying to stitch on 28-ct over 2 while tending to a newborn on minimal amounts of sleep did not end as triumphant as I'd hoped. When I moved from page 1 to page two of the pattern I indavertently moved over more than 12 stitches and didn't realize it for another month. Discouraged I set it down, for a few months, but in August realized I need to get started if I wanted our "Lil Monkey" to have it for his first Christmas ... and be imortalized in photos for years to come.

So determined I picked up my needle (and other supplies) and started all over and have made progress in the past 6 weeks. The stocking I chose was Opening His Pack by Nancy Rossin, from the book, The Stockings Were Hung.

This is the stocking as of Sunday morning ...

If you'd like to see the previous weeks' progress or are curious about the final product, feel free to visit my crafting and collecting blog, The Teacup Collector's Cottage. Come join me for a cup of tea ... or whatever you're guilty pleasure is.

Happy stitching,

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Halloween Update

not much to show I'm afraid, still a little is better than none right? LOL hopefully I will work on this more this week.added some of the beads but they may have to come out again if the hoop doesn't fit round them....opps.