Thursday, 23 December 2010

Halloween Fairy finished and so are all my UFO's :)

well here is my final update on Halloween Fairy. This is also the end of my UFO journey for now as I have only one project on the go at the minute and I'm nearly finished with that one to. I couldn't have finished either water games or Halloween Fairy without the support of the followers and stitchers on this blog and I thank all of you for enouraging me to finish my UFO's xx

I'm sure I will probably be back with either a UFO or a long term project sometime in 2011 as I have a fair few large designs I want to stitch now :) Till next time, Happy Christmas & Happy Stitching xx

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Celeste Update

Just a quick update on Celeste.  I did get the rest of the area filled in.  I have decided to switch to something else for a while so this will go back on the pile.  But hopefully for just a few weeks rather than 8 months this time.  Just one loop and the tail left and then off to the border.  I might get this finished yet!