Sunday, 31 January 2010

Peacock Tapestry Update

The Wool Gatherer is certainly a much needed spur because I achieved my target and a little bit more this week so I am quite pleased. I have virtually finished all the leaves to the right of the trunk on the page I am working from. I have still to complete the backstitching of the leaves and the branch. My target for next week is to do as many of the leaves as I can to the left of the trunk on the same page. I have decided it is better to set an achievable target and do more than set something which is bound to lead to failure. My target is flexible this week because I have to work on my other UFO the Christmas decorations. Happy stitching to all.

Monday, 25 January 2010


Sorry the picture is a bit was playing up.
At first glance it doesn't look like I have done much, but the start of the baby giraffe's face is being one. Once I get back onto Mum's body, it should progress rapidly, as it is large areas of single colour.

Mansfield Park finished!

I put the final stitches into Mansfield Park last night while I was watching the New Orleans Saints win the NFC Championship. I'm sure she would still be a UFO sitting in my closet if not for this group. Thank you so much for the inspiration to finish her!

Now, what should be the next UFO to come out of the closet? Stay tuned to find out!

Mansfield Park
The Sampler Girl
35 count linen, 2x2, DMC floss
started: 2008

First 2010 finish

Here is my first finish for 2010 that was started 6/2008

Needleworker Finish 1-24-10

Home of a Needleworker by LHN  32ct Water lily Jobelan, Threads DMC as charted


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Another Peacock Tapestry Update

I have been working on my Peacock Tapestry steadily the past 2 weeks (inbetween a few other projects of course.) I have finished all the Eyelet Diamonds and am now concentrating on filling in the bottom section of the border.

Happy stitching!!!!

Peacock Tapestry Update

Well the tail is finished at last and I have done some work on the border. The frogs were out in force when I realised I had stitched part of the border with a blend when in fact it was one of the rare occasions in this piece where a single colour is used. What a stupid mistake!
My husband is becoming quite used to me saying "Well that's going to have to come out".
I have bought "Wool Gatherer" by Shepherd's Bush and decided that I am not going to start it before the peacock is finished. Will I start it in 2010? I wonder. I have set myself a target for this week, I want to finish the branch to the right of the peacock and the leaves beneath it(not the leaves above it I am a realist).
I couldn't just sew this UFO and for my other sewing, perhaps I should say light relief, you can see if you click here

Here's best wishes for another sewing week.

Friday, 22 January 2010

New participant stitching "Buttermilk Tabbies"


I'm new on this wonderful blog. I'm following everyone's progresses since last Summer and you have all inspired me. Since I've finished all my obligation stitching, I put now all my energies on finishing my WIPs. So, my name is Catherine Michelle and I'm from Quebec, Canada. I've 9 not too large WIPs to complete, but most of them are barely started.

I'm working now on my most advanced one: "Buttermilk Tabbies" by Julia Lucas. It's been published in Just Cross-Stitch in 2004. This project when around the world last Summer on a UFO RR. My intention is now to finish it. Hopefully by the end of January but more reasonably, by the end of February.
Title: Buttermilk Tabbies
Designer: Julia Lucas
Magazine: Just Cross-Stitch (June 2004)
Fabric: Antique White Monaco (28 cnts)
Size: 122W x 122H
WIP Time: ~ 35 hours

It has been a UFO since the Winter of 2005. It felt in the UFO basket because I've started participating in exchanges and RRs at that time. As I don't have much time to stitch, these obligation stitching activities, if very fun, kept me from my own projects. So, I decided that in 2010, I would stitch for me. As I don't rotate my projects, I'll stitch on the Tabbies until it is finished. Usually, I stitch between 20 and 30 hours per month. I estimate that the Tabbies are about halfway done.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Celestial Dragon update

Just a quick update. I got 5 afternoons in instead of 3 so I have a whole leg and more spine. I've been thinking about everyone's comments the other day regarding back stitching and now am wondering if I should do some as I go along on this project because there is a lot! And I fall in the category that while I love what it does I'm not much a fan of executing it. Something to mull over while I switch to another project for the rest of this week.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Here is dragons to date. I'm not super happy with these pics. they look kinda distorted on the edges. Not sure if that is my camera or just the angle that I am shooting at. But they work I suppose.

Here is the section I have been working on:

And here is the whole piece to date.

I am showing my uncle (who this piece is for) and his girl this weekend the progress. I hope my uncle still likes it and that his new girl will like it.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Breaktime update

I have made a little headway with my clown. I'm mainly stitching it when I go looking after my grandchildren in the middle of each week. Because it is colour blocks it is relatively easy to do as they do not have the best lighting for cross stitching at their house.
I am considering stitching the 'white parts' as the pattern says it's just use the aida but I'm not to happy with it so I'll be looking for some white from other kits that I've done and use the thread up that way. Really hope this isn't going to take months and months!!
Anyhow Happy stitching to you all and may all your progress be great.

Another update!

Well, I'm getting closer to finishing Mansfield Park! Not as much accomplished this past week--I spent the weekend running around with my husband, watching him play tennis. But I'm happy with the progress that I did make!

This will be a slow stitching week for me--I've got to spend my evenings working on two RRs that I need to get mailed out, so the only time I'll have to devote to Mansfield Park will be about 30 minutes each day at lunch. But hey! I'm still so much closer to finished than I was on January 1!

Here's a closeup of the work I did this week:

And a look at the entire sampler as it is right now:

I hope everyone is having a very good stitching week!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Travel Sampler

I haven't posted lately, but I have stitched on my mother's Travel Sampler. It's really a nice stitch.

Carolyn NC

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Am going to pick this up again, as soon, I won't feel the same way about the person it is meant for,'s about time I finished it, after all...there's not much left to do. [I haven't put a stitch in it since I last posted though.] I will post progress next Sunday

Water Games update

After realising that I can't finish my birth sampler until my boss's wife has her baby I decided to devote my stitching time to Water Games instead of starting something new. Have almost finished this half of the chart, hopefully the other half won't take as long as I am actually enjoying it this time round, also backstitching each quarter as I stitch it as I dispise backstitch and this way I know that as soon as the last page is done I won't have to go back over anything. See you all next sunday!

Peacock Tapestry Update.

I promised myself I would do some of the peacock this week and I worked on it for some hours yesterday and today. Once I got into it again it wasn't too bad but I am not looking forward to doing the leaves on the pear tree. The end of the tail is in sight and I cannot roll the fabric up until I have done more of those leaves. This is going to be a test of stamina and concentration. Wish me luck.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Windswept Santas

I have done a little work on the ornaments. I have finished the second and started the third so I am on track to do what I said I would for Yoyo's SAL over the next year. The Peacock is still languishing I am afraid but I am determined to do some this weekend.

I am going to take a short cut and buy frames to put them in if I can find the right size. Happy stitching everyone.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Mansfield Park update

I had such enjoyment working on Mansfield Park last weekend--I decided that instead of just stitching on it on Sunday afternoons I would continue stitching on it all week! Here's my progress for the week:

Mansfield Park (The Sampler Girl)
stitched on 35 count linen using the DMC conversion listed on the chart

I've almost finished stitching the house, of course I noticed that the house wasn't symmetrical half-way through, so I had to make some adjustments (I had already stitched the roof line and didn't want to frog it) to the windows and the door, but it seems to have worked out OK.

I'll be bringing this one along to work with me again this week and making it the main focus of my at-home stitching as well. I'm really looking forward to having it finished and hanging up as the start of my 'literary' stitching wall!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Finally an update on the Peacock Tapestry

I haven't stitch on it awhile. Holidays and everything but I finally sat and started stitching on it again last week. I concentrating and adding in all the Diamond eyelets on the border. I am determined to finish this one this year. Wish me luck!
I noticed that some of you have finished your UFOs while I have been away. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Stitching!!!!

Hello Newbie Here :)

I've only just joined this SAL as my resolution this year is to finish all the UFO's I have before doing anything new so this SAL is perfect for me!

The first UFO I have chosen to do is called Water Games by DMC. I started stitching this in September 2008 for my mum's birthday, it became a UFO shortly afterwards as I had only just started cross stitching and the size and complexity of the design was very daunting for me. I have picked it up sporodically since then but as the design is not really my kind of thing I rarely get much done. This is where I am up to so far:

I've chosen this as my first UFO because it has taken just over a year to almost reach the halfway mark and I'm worried it will end up taking another 2 years to finish, i'm planning on stitching on this every Sunday until it's done.

Happy Stitching everyone
Fiona x

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Break time Started

I just know you'll be wondering exactly what has been done, but I frogged what I had started in the dim and distant past and made a restart. Does this mean it's not really a UFO?

I've made one or two discoveries about it as well, not all the design is cross stitched , there's a lot of the aida showing through, so whether I'll like it as I go on I don't know. I'll have to make my mind up as I go.
Happy stitching to you all


Greetings and another TW UFO - Celestial Dragon

Thank you all for allowing me to join your group. I am hoping between blogging here and the Teresa Wentzler Cross Stitch SAL on Facebook I can stay focused and get some stitching done on my Celestial Dragon. I started this in 2002 did most of the work back then and then have picked it up periodically since. This past June was the last time it got any serious work. I think the problem is the amount of focus required. I can't do anything else while stitching on this. I plan to dedicate about 3 afternoons a month. I am working on three other projects I would like to keep in rotation. If you are interested, here is the link for the FB group: TW Cross Stitch SAL

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Right..... maybe it was a sugar rush I needed as I've decided on the next UFO to work on.

It's Who's Watching Whom by Dimensions. I started it in 1999 (OMG is it really that long ago???), I was in the states visiting my parents & picked one from my mums stash to start while I was there. It became a UFO because the two cats were time consuming & I think after spending so much time stitching them I'd simply had enough. I've been back to it a few times & have gradually done some more. Hopefully this time I'll get even further.

A New UFO..... or not!

I was about to get started on some lunch time stitching & had picked up my UFO, well it sat infront of me for about 15 minutes before I realised that I have no enthusiasm about it at all. I'm afraid to say that it's gone back in the UFO pile!

It's taken me about 20 more minutes to pick a new UFO to work on & i've got nowhere fast. Does anyone else ever have this? Maybe I'll revisit the pile later & something will cry out at me to be finished.

Lisa xx

Monday, 4 January 2010

Progress on Dragon Feathers Afghan

My December UFO was Fanta Cat's Dragon Feathers Afghan. Here is my progress....I added the rest of the horns, and also the top right four squares....only four more to go, so I'll probably keep working on it this month too....wanna finish it now! In case anyone wonders, the fabric is an afghan cut of black Anne cloth. Threads are DMC and DMC metallics instead of Kreinik.

eta: My LNS ordered the black Anne cloth for me years ago, but I checked and you can still buy it. 123Stitch has it on their site. I'm sure others carry it too.

Friday, 1 January 2010

A New Year's UFO

My first UFO for the new year will be Mansfield Park, from The Sampler Girl. I've been stitching on this one for over a year, and the only reason it became a UFO is that I got caught up with a new hobby! But I love this piece and really want to see it hanging on my wall before long!

Here's a photo of where I am today:


I'm stitching this on 35 count linen using DMC floss, 2x2. This will be my 'Sunday Stitch' until it's finished.

Here's hoping that 2010 sees us get lots of those UFOs finished and displayed!

Ann in Baton Rouge
With My Needle