Sunday, 24 January 2010

Peacock Tapestry Update

Well the tail is finished at last and I have done some work on the border. The frogs were out in force when I realised I had stitched part of the border with a blend when in fact it was one of the rare occasions in this piece where a single colour is used. What a stupid mistake!
My husband is becoming quite used to me saying "Well that's going to have to come out".
I have bought "Wool Gatherer" by Shepherd's Bush and decided that I am not going to start it before the peacock is finished. Will I start it in 2010? I wonder. I have set myself a target for this week, I want to finish the branch to the right of the peacock and the leaves beneath it(not the leaves above it I am a realist).
I couldn't just sew this UFO and for my other sewing, perhaps I should say light relief, you can see if you click here

Here's best wishes for another sewing week.


Loretta said...

Congratulations on finishing the tail. I still need to do that on mine. (All those colour changes are sure.)
I wish you luck in finishing the peacock this year so you can start the "Wool Gatherer".

Carolyn NC said...

Looks awesome! - you might be interested in this post-