Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Another update!

Well, I'm getting closer to finishing Mansfield Park! Not as much accomplished this past week--I spent the weekend running around with my husband, watching him play tennis. But I'm happy with the progress that I did make!

This will be a slow stitching week for me--I've got to spend my evenings working on two RRs that I need to get mailed out, so the only time I'll have to devote to Mansfield Park will be about 30 minutes each day at lunch. But hey! I'm still so much closer to finished than I was on January 1!

Here's a closeup of the work I did this week:

And a look at the entire sampler as it is right now:

I hope everyone is having a very good stitching week!


Loretta said...

You're making great progress!!!! I lvoe the colours in this piece.

Shelleen said...

It's looking good.

Mel said...

Looks great. Keep up the good stitching.

Justflo said...

You are making real headway with your sampler. the colours are lovely.
Happy stitching to you.

Jen said...

This is looking really great. Keep going.

Karen said...

Very pretty....keep on stitching!

lenna said...

It's lovely! Good progress and beautiful stitching.
God Bless ~

Carolyn NC said...

This is just sooo pretty!