Saturday, 9 January 2010

Break time Started

I just know you'll be wondering exactly what has been done, but I frogged what I had started in the dim and distant past and made a restart. Does this mean it's not really a UFO?

I've made one or two discoveries about it as well, not all the design is cross stitched , there's a lot of the aida showing through, so whether I'll like it as I go on I don't know. I'll have to make my mind up as I go.
Happy stitching to you all



grannyanne said...

The completed design is going to be very colourful. It was not obvious from the picture that there were going to be spaces. Looking forward to seeing your work progress.

Loretta said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!

Dancing With Pussycats said...

What is the design, Wizzybuff? I'm showing my age here, but that little brown belly speaks to me of Yogi Bear. Is a pick-a-nick basket going to appear somewhere?

Looking forward to watching your stitching progress...