Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A New UFO..... or not!

I was about to get started on some lunch time stitching & had picked up my UFO, well it sat infront of me for about 15 minutes before I realised that I have no enthusiasm about it at all. I'm afraid to say that it's gone back in the UFO pile!

It's taken me about 20 more minutes to pick a new UFO to work on & i've got nowhere fast. Does anyone else ever have this? Maybe I'll revisit the pile later & something will cry out at me to be finished.

Lisa xx


Measi said...

I've finally decided to just put pieces of paper with the names of each of my UFO's in a hat and pull out a name to work on, since I can't seem to decide. :)

Sea said...

The giraffe one I am doing has been abandonded due to poor light, but with another "snow day" tomorrow...and the light should be good...snow has that effect..I really have no excuse. Perhaps mastering a drop spindle should take second place?