Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Trees Update

Just a quick post with a little update. Twins are poorly at the moment & I'm just waiting for our Dr to give me a call back.

Thought I'd let you see the small amount of progress that I've made on Christmas Trees. I need to add the backstitch to the gingham tree & thats the 2nd of 5 trees complete. Slow going but at least it's going in the right direction :-)

Sorry about the blurry picture, not sure what happened there!

Lisa xx

Lisa's Stitching Life


Mel said...

I do hope the twins have a quick recovery.
Trees are looking good!
Slow and steady wins the race. ;)

Jen said...

This one is looking great. Hope the twins get well soon!

Marcy said...

Looking good. At least you are getting something done on your ufo. Mine is languishing. I really don't feel like stitching on it.
I hope the kids are up and running again soon.

Karen said...

This is such a cute design! Can't wait to see more.

RuthB said...

OMG your trees are looking great! Congrats. And, btw I love your dragon afghan-- I have that pattern, but I am so not adventurous enough to go it on that scale. :)

Carolyn NC said...

Hope the twins are better soon - love these trees!

grannyanne said...

Really unusual trees. I think this design is great. I do hope your twins are better soon. At least it is before Christmas my children seemed to manage to be ill at Christmas. Happy stitching.

Justflo said...

Very pretty. I think it's quite different and it's coming along well. Hope the twins are driving you nuts again soon.
Happy stitching to you.