Thursday, 31 December 2009

Windswept Santas

This is a UFO I am doing alongside the TW. It is one of the kits I am stitching in Yoyo's Christmas SAL. It became a UFO some year's ago because I just got tired of it. The kit has been brought out again and I have now finished the first Santa and I have started the second. Considering that they are so small there is quite a lot of work in them. I want them on the tree next Christmas so that will spur me on. Happy New Year to my fellow UFOers.


Jen said...

I have unearthed a UFO for this year. Let's hope we both get them funished in 2010!

Justflo said...

He looks great. You must be very pleased. Hope you complete them all for Yoyo's SAL.

Don't forget the Peacock will you!

Happy New Year and lots of stitching.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Love these Santa's and I am wondering how your Peacock Tapestry is coming along. I did that when it first came out and it was a commissioned piece, all the same it was fun to do and watch the feathers come together. I am a huge TWD fan and have completed about 10, well, 2 are still ufo's but they are in the works.
Be always in stitches.

Lisa said...

The detail on these santas is lovely, well worth the effort as the completed one looks fab.

Mel said...

Those are indeed so detailed. But beautiful.