Friday, 17 July 2009

Seaside Sweethearts . . .

Here I am again with this same picture!
But guess what, I have made incredible progress.
She is now the proud owner of legs and feet.
They are standing in sand when
they aren't walking along the beach, holding hands.
There is actually water on the woman's side
and her skirt is all stitched.
Then there is beach sand under the water.
I will go and have my disk made tomorrow since I am off.
Underneath the man's feet there is also sand.
I will post my progress. I hope to stitch on it some tomorrow, too.
God Bless all,


Flo said...

Hi there, Looking forward to seeing the footprints in the sand. You really are doing well. Looking out for your new pic. Happy stitching

Stitchangel said...

You are doing great. I Love your blog. I am looking forward to your update with footprints in the sand.

grannyanne said...

You are obviously making progress. Looking forward to next pic.

Silver Thistle said...

Will look out for your update pic, can't wait to see how you're doing.