Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Seaside Sweethearts . . .

can soon walk on the beach! He has his feet and I am getting closer to hers. I finished him completely tonight. I worked on her skirt and got about half of it stitched while watching a mean Gary Cooper in a Western. I like him better in so many other movies. HUBBA-HUBBA!
Hopefully tomorrow I will finish her skirt and then I can start on the beach and all the reeds and Oat grass. Then comes the water and clouds. I will get those pictures up tomorrow, I hope.
Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it so much. Thanks to all the ladies for your encouraging comments and for following my blog! It had been worth it to get all your sweet messages.
Got to go to bed. Good Night all!
God Bless ~


Jen said...

Hi Lenna, Welcome to the blog. I look forward to seeing your UFO progress.

Flo said...

Wow, You really are coming along well. Looking forward to your pics/ Keep it up Happy stitching.