Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Seaside Sweethearts

Tonight , rather all day, I worked on the Seaside Sweethearts. I got his legs done and most of his feet. I discovered after I had stitched the feet in that I was off one square. I frogged it out and put them back in again. Only problem was I did not have 2 of the colors I needed. I swear, if you had all the colors in your stash you would be short at least 2 sometimes 3. I have so many threads but I always am short at least 2. I spent a long time trying to find 3752 to later discover it was 3753 I needed.
I will get my photos posted as soon as I get the CD.
I started this project a long time ago and I must have stolen that color for another kit and I could not find it again. Then I had to look in all my projects for that color. I think I got the same dye lot, I sure hope so. It looks OK in the picture.
I am so excited he is done except for a little on his feet. I will get those two colors tomorrow at work. Put them in that night.
Now I just have to do her skirt and then all the bushes, grass and clouds. It's probably another weeks worth of stitching. But, boy will I be glad it is done.
Got to go ~
Take care and God Bless ~


Flo said...

Glad to see you sorted your colours. I do that, think I have all the colours I need to discover that I've used one elsewhere. It is a bit of a pain but never mind, just to cheer you up I've spent ages looking for a thread I'd lost to find I hadn't lost it at all.- Now that's frustrating. Happy stitching and keep up the good work

CindyMae said...

That is such a gorgeous piece. I hate it when I can not find a color I need!

Cindy Mae
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