Thursday, 4 June 2009

Queen Of Stitching-Stitchangel


Thank for the help with my blog. I feel like such a Geek (I wonder how I ever learned to cross stitch) lol
Please fellow member do not ROFL at me. (I am old and that is my story and I am sticking to it)

In between stitching on Queen Of Stitching I have been trying to get my Blog going. I hope this works (I believe my address is Stitchangel-Mysecretgarden.blogspot)

Again Thanks So Much!


Mel said...

Welcome Tiffany!
I do hope you'll be able to share some photos with us.

Your blog just needs a .com at the end and I get to it just fine! So well done.

Jen said...

Well done Tiffany glad to see you made it. I will put a link to your blog today. I am looking forward to seeing your UFO

grannyanne said...

I am supposed to be starting a blog but haven't got round to it. Glad you made it. Look forward to seeing your UFO