Friday, 26 June 2009

The Summer Ball

This is a project that became a UFO before it even got started! I ordered the kit a year and a half ago, but the sheer size (and the solid stitching) overwhelmed me, so I never started it.

I started working on it on Sunday. I'm pleased with the progress I've made so far, but I'm upset because the fabric is not the count that the kit advertised--I'm going to end up with a margin of about an inch on the right side! My bad--I should have either gridded the fabric to determine the start point, or checked the fabric count myself. Oh well, I'm going to mat the finished picture anyway so I'll just have to get some waste fabric sewn onto the right side in order to finish the stitching (when I get there!) and for framing.

The Summer Ball
Sandy Littlejohn


Flo said...

You've made progress -congrats. It's annoying isn't it when you don't get what you think you're getting, whether it's the count or the colour doesn't seem to be the same and when you query it you're told it's something to do with the lighting!
Always look on the bright side, it'll be great when it's finished and any hiccups with it will have disappeared. Keep up the good work , we'll all be watching for your next post.

Susan said...

Your stitching looks great. I love the colors! I don't know this design so I'm looking forward to seeing more of it revealed.

Jen said...

Tell me about it. I have the same problem with Mary Wigham and will have about 1 1/2 inches left on two sides and four on the other two. This time my own fault. Anyway it's looking good.

Mel said...

Looking forward to more progress on this! It's lovely.

I've done the same thing with the inches on either side. Luckily my framer is a forgiving guy and seems to be able to work magic when I accidentally only leave him one inch on side and five on the other.

grannyanne said...

I'm not familiar with this design so I shall enjoy watching it develop. Keep up the good work.

Loretta said...

Congrats on your progress! Looking forward to future updates.