Friday, 26 June 2009

Project ~ Grand Canyon

Here are two pictures of the Grand Canyon, one is finished and one is not. I did the one on the top for my twin brother many years ago. The glare on it obscures the right hand side but it is stitched also.
The bottom one is one I am doing for the Dr. who did my second heart ablation almost 2 years ago. After he did the first ablation I stitched him a flying eagle. When I took it to him he was so excited and said he shouldn't except it but that he WOULD. I think men should get excited about needlework but they seldom do. It made me feel great that he was so thrilled. He's a great Doctor. His skill is amazing. He uses a tiny probe to go into the heart through the groin vessel and burns, ablates, anything that looks like it will cause the heart to go into A-fib. I stitch with a tiny needle. He looks at my handy work, I stitch and live because of his. Amazing!
I had good intentions but it is really a hard piece to stitch. It has many blended shades and there is no reference point as to the color. I had to mark off the chart, which to me is like stitching it twice. So I just put it up and life took over. I have worked on it off and on many times this year but have not gotten it done. I have the frame already and I think I better reorder those mats. Someone in the frame shop probably used them, too like they did with my Tiger Eyes mats.
I will rotate it with Seaside Sweethearts until I get them both done. Not to worry I have many, many, many more to do.
I love this shot cause you can see the shadow of my spiky hair in it.
I just hope he is as thrilled with this small token as I am with a heart that beats correctly. I just hope I don't have to have a third.
Hope he is still breathing!
Don't let me down Dr. Z!!!
Thanks for looking ~
God Bless ~
Lenna ~~~ Grand Canyon


Carolyn NC said...

A moving story - I love what you said about "He looks at my handiwork; I stitch and live because of his." Good luck - you have a great start!

Karen said...

What a wonderful piece. You certainly have more patience than myself! Can't wait to see the progress on this one.

Flo said...

What an incredible project . I'm sure your Dr.Z will be astounded at the gift you are doing for him- what a Thank You. I'll look forward to seeing your progress on both your pieces. Happy stitching

Susan said...

What a detailed project to stitch even one time! I'll be cheering you on to a finish on this one and I'm sure your doctor will appreciate it.

Mel said...

A lovely piece.
And what a great way to thank your Dr.!

grannyanne said...

I go on holiday and come back to see new UFOs on the blog. This one looks to be a real challenge. Best of luck.

Loretta said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on this piece.