Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A new UFO? - Judgement

Everyone here is so encouraging!
While I have put disney back in its box in the closet (don't worry Sherry I won't throw it out, I'll keep it for now.) I have taken up the requests to find another UFO. I don't have alot of these... as I do try really hard to finish things. (I have a wedding sampler for a wedding that got called off... I will finish that eventually for someone else I hope but right now the someone else doesn't exist so I'm going to hold off).

However, Jen I love your idea to post Judgement up here.
This is a piece that my uncle bought me all the supplies for last summer. I had stitched up a dragon and fairy one each for my brother and sister and he decided he wanted his own hand-stitched piece as well. But being my uncle (who is more like my older brother as we are very close and only 9 years apart) he had to make the piece epic.
So he picked out this piece by Character Creations called Judgement (from a tarot series).

I have been working on it for the past seven months... now for about four of those months I was very sick and unable to stitch much. As I have mostly recovered I am now trying to get through more projects and catch back up. So I do hope that this one will go much faster than it has been.
But it is still slow going. I'd like to have this piece done by 2011 but sometimes that seems just impossible. While it's technically not a UFO and more a WIP somedays it feels like a UFO just because it's so huge!
I am on page 3 of 20 now... which is at least something and will post my updates here on this blog. I will try to give this piece one solid night (for me that is about 3 hours) of stitching each week.
Here is my current progress:

Well that is the one then. :) It should keep me busy trying to get it done for the next two years. lol. Oh the things we do to ourselves eh?

Thanks again for all your encouragement! It is greatly appreciated.


Carolyn NC said...

It's coming along and that's the important part! You've made good progress so far - keep it up!

Jen said...

Well done Mel! I'm so glad you've decided to share this one with us. Even though it's not strictly a UFO lots of encouragement is needed for these big projects, especially when they seem to be taking forever. I look forward to seeing your progress.

grannyanne said...

Wow this design is going to keep you busy. I am sure everyone will be watching your progress with interest. Happy stitching

Ann said...

Mel, that is an epic piece if ever I've seen one! Good luck with it!

Dancing With Pussycats said...

Wow! This is an impressive design. I have several large charts like this but have never made it past 1 1/2 pages. Congratulations! I'll really enjoy watching this grow.

Shelleen said...

oh wow, I love that design and can't wait to see more of your progress

Sherry said...

Wow!!!! You are doing an AWESOME job!! I think it would totally intimidate me. I'm so happy you found another project and hopefully one that makes you smile.