Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Poor Little Mermaid!

Hello! My name is Deborah/Lavender Rose (http://lavenroseramblings.blogspot.com/) and I'm a hopeful new member of the Group. I'm hoping I'll be able to give a head and a tail to my poor Mermaid of the Pearls!
Pearls was started in 2006....: I have a picture of how far I got by April of 2007, but it's too sad to show here. I've been putting the beads and metallics in as I stitch, which is just the way I learned to stitch as a needlepointer. It's easiest for me.
My intention is to finish her in 2010 for my daughter, Jessica, who reminds me several times a year that she'd really like Pearls finished since I promised her to Jess years ago!!! To that goal, I pledge to stitch on her every other Saturday for 1 hour, at least.
I think the problem that's held me back is that I made a mistake somewhere on the body section and I just don't want to take the whole thing out!! So I have to work around it, now. I mean the body of the tail section. Hopefully, I can find the error and at least find a way to salvage it.
Thanks for your support in this. Pearls really needs you and so do I.
I also pledge to give you all the support I can by comments and being faithful to keep my end of the bargain up. Your work inspires me..... so please don't give up on yourself and your lovely projects. :)
Hugs, Deb
PS: I want to thank every single one of you who've commented and encouraged me to keep going with "Pearl." Thanks, also, for your kind welcome to the Group. I'm going to stitch on her tonight! Tuesday, 8.4.09 :]


Silver Thistle said...

You'll get this whizzed up in no time Deb! Just posting about my UFO here, and having commited myself to a regular stitching time with all the ladies here as witness has spurred me on to get cracking with mine!

Very nice project BTW, can't wait to see it with the final stiches added. I used to be a big Mirabilia fan and got through quite a few of them. THen I found blogland and there was just too many other temptations to try out, there was no time left for Miribilia, lol.

grannyanne said...

I am sure you will finish your mermaid now you have joined this blog. I am looking forward to seeing your next post. Your daughter will be so pleased when it is completed. Best wishs for your project and happy sewing.

Carolyn NC said...

You'll be surprised how quickly this can go -- already have a great chunk done. Hope you can work out your mistake; I'm sure you can. :)

Not Waving but Drowning said...

Oh Wow!

That'll look just lovely when it's finished,

Welcome to the group,


Mel said...

I love Mirabilia designs and this is no exception!
I can't wait to see her grow!

Karen said...

Such a pretty design...it would be a shame to leave her headless and bodyless! Can't wait to see your progress.

Shelleen said...

can't wait to see more of this.

Jen said...

Welcome to the blog. Like the others I look forward to seeing your progress

Flo said...

Your mermaid is looking lovely, the colours are very pretty. I am positive your daughter will be over the moon with delight when you finish Mermaid of the Pearls. Think putting in beads etc. as you go along is the best way otherwise you seems to be back at the start againfilling all the bits and pieces.( It's the same with backstitch) Enjoy her and Happy stitiching. PS Hi to blog.

Loretta said...

That is a lovely piece!!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing your progress!!!!!!