Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Seaside Sweethearts . . .

Here is my progress on the Seaside Sweethearts!
He does have legs and her dress is almost done.
I just have a couple of stitches to do on her dress and then I can do those legs and feet. YEA!!!
I worked on it tonight and I almost got her dress finished.
He is holding her up until I can get her feet on.
Tomorrow!!! I promise!
It is so interesting that there are so many different colors in her dress. Who would ever think it would look so nice when finished?
I want to get busy with the water, clouds, sea grass and oat grass and get this finished so I can stitch on something else.
Take care and thanks for looking.
God Bless ~


grannyanne said...

You really are steaming ahead with this one. This blog is really great for giving you incentive to clear out those things you just put down or didn't get round to. Keep up the good progress.

Flo said...

She'll soon be hop, skip and a jumping along the beach.
Your progress is great.
Happy stitching

Jen said...

I agree with the other two comments. You really are getting on well with this one. I need to backstitch Ed Hedgehog, this Sunday, promise.

Carolyn NC said...

Looking good!

Karen said...

Very pretty.

Loretta said...

Great progress!!!!!!!!!!! Looking good!!!!!!!!!!

Shelleen said...

great progress!