Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I started this on a Rhine cruise in September 2007. I had really enjoyed doing other cut-through designs by Bothy Threads but I have found this one a bit of a strain. I think this is because I do not find it as humorous as the others. Perhaps this blog will spur me on. My next post should show some progress because I plan on doing some next week. Does a project that you have not even started count as a UFO when you have had the kit for years?


Flo said...

You will have to get this one finished so you can appreciate the coming floral year. Does it have a Peacock on the roof? I can understand perhaps the cruise put you off your stitch. Have fun

Jen said...

Looking forward to seeing some progress. Too much backstitch for me but it does make them look good.

Sharon said...

I love the colors on this one! I think a UFO is what you choose it to be...started or un-started. A stitch is a stitch is a stitch and progress is progress. :)

lenna said...

Just open it up and put three stitches in it and Voila ~ it's a UFO! Some of my starts only have a row done. Isn't that awful? I have to live 200 years to get some of this stuff done.
I absolutely love your Beach Hut I am going to order that one. It intrigues me greatly! I have looked at Bothy Threads and love the lighthouse one too.
God Bless ~