Wednesday, 15 April 2009

One that got finished

This project lay languishing under the stereo system for a number of years!

It's called Inland Waterways from Heritage Crafts. This kit was bought at the end of canal boat holiday on the Llangollen Canal with the fiancee. I started it almost straight away but did not like the way the big rivers were done, two strands of floss, it looked 'clumpy'. So it was put away. The fiancee turned into an ex fiancee and the project gathered dust under the stereo, I didn't have a stash room in those days. I don't know what made me retrieve it, maybe it got caught in the hoover, I don't know, but I frogged the river and got going again. It now hangs in the living room.


grannyanne said...

This is a great idea. Photograph taken now to work out how to ost it!

Flo said...

Rather like Grannyanne but not quite as efficient. Camera battery flat absolutely normal for me. I have a superb choice of UFO's I've just got to decide exactly which era to choose one from. Perhaps I'll draw threads and the shortest one will get to see light of day after many a moon lying hidden and forgotten in some deep, dark pile of various items squirrelled away for a rainy day.
Another slight problem I will more than likely have is figuring out how to post anything. You see I am what you may well consider to be more than a little useless at the ins and outs of computers and how to use them. That chip was not implanted at birth or alternatively the wires have burned out. Still I can always approach 'He who knows all' to help. Wish me luck

Carolyn NC said...


Sharon said...

How happy you must be that you "rescued" this from it's hiding place! It's a beautiful piece.