Thursday, 16 April 2009

The One that got Away (with many others)

Well here it is. Started approx .1991 (definitely qualifies as a UFO) . It's that long ago I can't honestly remeber why I folded it up and put it away. Perhaps I got my mind blown by all the 1/2 stitches and blends of this Teresa Wentzler design. I have started to do some of it recently when I found it again.At this point I discovered that although I had all the threads and chart I had miraculously lost the important part that told me what the blends and symbols were. So I contacted Janlynn and they sent them to me. My excuses for not getting it done are dwindling. But at the moment it is once again cast into the unknown while I get a wider frame. By the time it's finished the Carousel will have updated and will now probably be space ships and all kinds of animals from someone's colourful imagination. Perhaps I'll try the rota system. Trouble with that for me is I find that I am enjoying what I've started and forget to change. I've got to be truthful and say I almost unpicked what I had done to use the fabric for somthing else but then I thought don't give in, get it done. So by putting it on this blog perhaps I will (nothing with me is ever definite). Now I will have to do some of it so watch out I just may surprise you and even myself.


grannyanne said...

This is a lovely design . I am really looking forward to seeing it finished. I have several other UFO's when the Beach Hut is complete. One of them is a Teresa Wentzler started about the same time as your horse. Who will get to the finishing post first? My bet is the horse not the peacock.

Jen said...

Go for the rotation. Monday to Thursday on one project and a different one at weekends. Good luck!

Sharon said...

Hang in there and enjoy the journey. I can't wait to see each of us make progress! :)