Sunday, 26 April 2009

We're Off

Well surprise surprise, I have made a start on my UFO. After thinking I knew exactly where everything to do with this UFO was -Horror of Horrors- I couldn't find the chart. So it was then as case of where and when did I last see it. I came to the conclusion it was when I was visiting my sister. Gasp! I hear you all thinking just go and get it. Not that simple- she lives a few hundred miles from me. I kept looking at home. Relief I found it. It was tucked safely in a bag so that I didn't lose it.(Please tell me I am not the only one who does this). Several deep breaths and a large drink (tea- honest). Out came the hoop and you've guessed it I sat down and began to stitch the dreaded UFO. Two minutes later I was frogging, I had already gone wrong- one thread out. Still not to be daunted I squared my shoulders and off again my trusty needle flashing (slight exageration) through the air. I thought 'this isn't so bad ' and patted myself on the back. Give it another twenty minutes or so and I'm frogging yet again (I told you I was an expert). I have not given up, found out the magnifying glass to try and make out some of the chart. My dearly beloved(Husband) has copied them for me on the computer so that I can mark off where I'm up to, but the actual chart in parts really is not clear so obviously although enlarged I am still have some deciding to do. There are millions of half stitches and I am brilliant at putting them in with the wrong colour or at the wrong angle (frogging again). Goodness knows how I'll go on with the back stitching. I think if the back stitching is laid out flat it'll go to the moon and back. I have done a little on the 'frill' part around the saddle. I've put on a photo for you to see what I am trying do. You will have to decide on my progress. This is three and a bit days (not full days) mainly afternoons.

I change to my WIP in the evenings which is a Jim Shore piece called Santa's Workshop. Anyhow let me know what you think. All encouragement received with much thanks. To be truthful- without this blog this cross stitch would probably still be in the cupboard. Thanks Jen.


Jen said...

Well done for getting started. Soon those little half stitches etc will become second nature, says she who had to frog a load of full ones and on a project done on aida! I was doin git on the tain and that's my excuse. Keep going!

grannyanne said...

Keep going Flo. You'll win in the end. It is looking good.

Sharon said...

Grrr.....those frogs - drat, darn and phooey! This piece is soooo pretty! Please don't put it back in the cupboard -- you can do this and we'll help!! Keep it fun tho - remember, we stitch to relax and create. :)

Mel said...

Looking good Flo!
I love all of Teresa's patterns.
If it makes you feel better my B/F's Mom has a UFO of the complete carousel as well. I think this one is tough indeed with all the quarter stitches and blending. Glad you're keeping to it!

Ann said...

Flo, it is certainly going to be beautiful once you finish it--and you WILL finish it!