Monday, 7 September 2009

Welsh Red Dragon . . .

Hi ~ I am back without a picture but I finished
The Welsh Dragon ~ YEA!!!

I signed my name, added the date and stitched
"Welsh Dragon" in my favorite alphabet,
at the bottom and

Voila ~ He is finished!

I will post a photo tomorrow and take
him to the shop Tuesday
to be framed.

As always thanks for stopping by for a peek.
I do appreciate it!

Take care and God Bless ~


Susan said...

Wow, that was fast!! Congratulations on your finish!

Jen said...

Well done Lenna. Did you get your last finish framed? If you did can you post or send me a picture of that one so I can add it to the sidebar.

Flo said...

Fantastic Lenna. You've really done well. Looking forwarf to seeing the finished/framed pic. I'mm going to look for some CC threads, thanks for the recommend.

Carolyn NC said...

Congratulations on your finish!

Mel said...

Congrats. Looking forward to your photo!

Shelleen said...

Congrats on the finish.