Monday, 14 September 2009

Crazy beginnings .....

Hello everyone! I stumbled across this blog while surfing. What a good idea! And I have the perfect UFO in mind to begin.

About a year and a half ago (maybe longer?) I started a Christmas crazy quilt wall hanging / pillow / whatever. I worked on it for maybe a couple months, got tired of the color scheme, put it down and haven't touched it since -- except to move it around occassionally when it gets in the way. I really would like to finish it and with this goal in mind, I will stitch one motiff or seam a month. At this rate it will take awhile but it could get done -- yippee!

This is the entire piece:

The following star motiff and seam treatments aren't in the above pic because I don't have a current photo of the entire piece to date.

Even though it's the middle of the month, I'm going to get something done (though it may not be much) on it before month's end and will post an up to date pic of the entire piece.

Please excuse the messy layout -- I'm new to blogging and haven't figured out how to make things look nice yet -- any suggestions would be appreciated.



lenna said...

Very impressive I like it. You have really done some nice work on it.
I am in the same boat about not knowing how to do stuff on the computer and to boot I have a Mac. It is different so I have a friend on line who helps me with my Mac when I ask. She is so sweet.
I sometimes do an alphabet piece one letter a day.
I did a teddy bear piece and I stitched a bear a day and in about 32 days I had it done. One bear was big and he took two days.
So just keep on keeping and it will be done ~ someday and that is OK!!!
God Bless ~

Flo said...

Hi, Marcy, I like your piece. You'll get lots of support on this blog. I don't think it matter if your layout doesn't look 'pretty' it's just keep on going with your stitching- that's the important bit.
I keep saying I'm going to start a blog but as I'm pretty hopeless I 've thought of a name and that's as I've got. Still I'll perhaps sort it one day- to busy at the moment trying to catch up with my stitching.
Happy stitching to you and looking forward to seeing you work grow.

Mel said...

Wow... what an incredible piece. I can't wait to see more of this! Welcome! :)

Carolyn NC said...

What a great idea and memory!

Jen said...

Hi Marcy. Welcome to the blog. I'm sure you will get lots of support here. I am looking forward to seeing this one grow.

Sea said...

It looks lovely, can't wait to see the finished piece.

grannyanne said...

I've just had a newsletter about crazy quilting fom Nordic Neelecraft. I don't know much about it so it will be lovely to see your piece grow. Happy stitching.

Yoyo said...

I've never tried crazy quilting but it sure looks pretty...and therefore fun. Really looking forward to watching this piece progress.

Until you learn the 'cutesy' way just remember to hit the enter key before and after your images, at least that way you won't get those little broken paragraphs at the side of the picture. I'm on a Mac too, so not much help to you PC folks. Just take your time and play with it, you'll learn.