Thursday, 3 September 2009

Henry VIII and all that

I have been unable to use my stand for some time so decided I could stitch Henry using a hand frame so I have made more progress than normal. I took out some of what looked like a leg bone and reduced it in size. I looked up the Holbein portrait on the net and I think he is holding a pair of gloves. I have still to sort out the dagger but I am planning on using some metallics. Spaces are for beads. There is some beading on the design but I am adding more of my own. I did not like the beads which came with the kit. I am not keen on the shading of the skin either but that is helped when the features are backstitched. I am so much more critical of designs now after completing other designs which are more subdued in tones. I will finish this come what may but when I don't know. Happy stitching everyone.


Flo said...

Good Old Henry's coming along nicely, I notice he has at least got more of the right coloured hair than on the actual chart. Personalised stitching; don't blame you . I hate it when they show him as a dark haired man when it's well documented that he had reddish hair. Its really looking good. I have this to do as well so I'll watch with interest your alterations. Don't put him back in the cupboard or you may hear 'Off with Her Head'', oops I may be too late with the warning I've just noticed your pic.
Happy stitching.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - can't believe how much you've stitched - it looks fantastic!

Yoyo said...

Wow this is going great. "Leg bone", I loved that. Yes, it is supposed to be gloves, but I can see if you have some imagination it could look like a leg bone...maybe a chicken leg, people of this period are always pictured throwing the meat bones over their shoulder to the dogs (LOL). Keep up the good work.

lenna said...

Great progress I have been watching this one with so much interest and it is coming along nicely.
God Bless ~

lenna said...

Where did you get this pattern? I like it very much.

grannyanne said...

I have had this for some time. It is a DMC but I think it is now out of print. It would be improved with better skin colours I think.