Thursday, 10 September 2009

Returning to Oz

It's been two months since I last posted. My--there sure has been a lot of fantastic stitching and wonderful, wonderful finishes! Congratulations to you all!

My major project this year is the large Serenity Prayer sampler by My Big Toe which I've been stitching for my cousin's 20th year of sobriety anniversary. I was about half way done when I discovered a major mistake that couldn't be worked around. I had to rip out about a third of everything I had done. (Did you hear my primal scream?) It took me three weeks to rip and I didn't want to work on my WIP until I had corrected all my stitching.

Now, finally, I'm back with a little progress to show and it's very good to be here. Thanks for looking:


lenna said...

I heard you screaming and I know what that is like. It's like it takes a few minutes to absorb that you actually HAVE to rip it out cause you can't fix it any other way.
I was doing an angel that was the one with all the beads in the middle. I had stitched for 3 days the one side to the bottom when I discovered that it was off by one thread. It had grown to 1 1/2 inches. She was symmetrical so I could not leave her that way and there was no way to fix it. I had to rip out all I had done. It took me one hour to rip out what it took 3 days to put in. Mind you I only stitched at night after work so it wasn't all day for three days. Though it felt that way.
When she was finished she worked perfectly!
Your stitching is great and it looks like the Wicked Witch.
Good job!
Doesn't if feel good when you get back to where you should be? No more guessing how you are going to fix this and that along the way. I find I forget and just wing it.
Keep up the beautiful work it looks awesome.
God Bless ~

Carolyn NC said...

Owww! That one hurts and you feel as if time is standing still until you've stitched the old part again and can move onto the new! Oz is looking great!

Jen said...

Well done you. If that had happened to me it would have hit the UFO pile. Oz is coming on a treat. Can't wait to see more.

Flo said...

Coming along beautifully. I can commiserate with you on your mis-count. I have just done the same( but not quite as much), it felt as though it was the most major thing and the groan was quite audible- my hubby asked what was wrong -was I OK. When I told him what has happened he said- 'Oh! done wrong again then, never mind you'll sort it.' My what a leveller.
Looking forward to seeing your future progress I'd missed the Witch. Happy stitching to you.