Friday, 11 September 2009

UFOs...sometimes you get the frogs, sometimes the frogs get you!

I've had NO LUCK with the UFOs I have chosed to try and complete this year! First I got out the New Zealand map, only to discover kitty claws had been at it.....that one is an obligation piece and will have to be a future re-start. Then I thought I'd try and finish a tote bag design I started last year for a gift, only to find at least 3 counting errors that would force the frogs to invade. My enthusiasm for the design has waned, and if I have to frog most of it, I might as well frog it all and pick a different design to stitch on the tote, right? That will be another new start someday. So far I have failed to finish a UFO, but at least I did reduce the number in the box!

My dilemma now is to decide which of the UFOs left should get my attention....I have 5 left, not counting Flower Power (which I have discovered is also miscounted (too low on the fabric), so that one goes in the re-start category (thankfully I had only stitched a few leaves, and I do want to stitch it still!)

The 5 UFOs are:
17th Century Italian Garden by Liz Turner Diehl (aprox. 50% done)
Evening in the Park, Chatelaine Designs (just past the halfway mark)
Dragon Feather Afghan, Fanta Cat Designs (again aprox. 50% done)
Companions by Teresa Wentzler (maybe 25% done?)
Breaking Dawn, Kustom Krafts (only about 5% done, if that...)

All of them are either large, or detailed, or both! I'm already working on another Chatelaine piece (Holland) as well as the Papillon SAL Castles in the Air, each on a monthly rotation, or close to it. I need another large, detailed piece like I need a hole in the head! I'm leaning toward the Italian Garden, or maybe the Dragon Feather afghan, but I'm not sure! If you wanted to finish one of these THIS year, which would you choose?


Mel said...

They are all sooo lovely it's hard to pick. I am a personal fan of Wentzler so I might pick her or the Chatelaine.

I am also doing the Papillon SAL Castles. Well.. at least it's in my bag, we won't talk about how I've fallen two parts behind. ;)

Dancing With Pussycats said...

I too like large designs's the WOW factor, I think. I'd definitely go for the one that has the most finished if you really want to get one done before the end of the year. That would be quite an accomplishment!

Susan said...

I'd go with the Italian Garden. I'm not totally familiar with this one, but LTD designs usually have lots of small areas of specialty stitches. This lends itself to completing a small section at a time and pretty soon, voila, you are done!

Karen said...

I like the Evening in the Park. I would go with the easiest stitch or the one most completed. That way you will be closer to that finish and gratification.

Ann said...

Oh, it would have to be Evening in the Park--I'm just in love with that one!

Carolyn NC said...

Well, my favs would have to be Chatelaine or LTD garden! Sorry about all the UFO casualties!

lenna said...

They are all lovely. I like the feather one or the Chatelaine the best. I, too have Holland started it is so pretty. Yours is gorgeous ~ too.
Sorry about that pesky frog sometimes I would rather just pull stuff out so the frog and I have a night together.
God Bless ~

Flo said...

What a difficult choice you have there. Must admit if I had to pick and think it'll be done this year I'd go for one I'd done the most on. So it's got to be the Dragon or the Italian garden. Perhaps you should write all the names on separate pieces of paper and put them in a bag and draw one out, at least that takes the decision away and you just go with the name that comes out. Which ever way you decide they are all very pretty. Happy stitching to you.