Wednesday, 9 September 2009

He is a most fierce dragon. . .

And it's a wrap!

He does have one white eye, not blue. His
flame is golden colored not green. The fabric
is a beautiful red with no blue in it at all.

I picked out a green frame to surround the dragon
and the pretty red fabric.

I only hope Linda likes it. I would like to stitch
her something Shakespeare
but is there such a pattern?

I have been thinking of the Shakespeare fairies
they are so bright and colorful.

She is such a Shakespeare buff.
She loves all
things Shakespeare and helps out at the University
every year.
Housing my son for that year was a great help
and a very generous, loving thing to do.

What do you all think?

After I finished him I started another project. Will post
a picture and stitchery.

I will post the framed piece next Thursday. Just in
time for my Guild meeting.
Thanks for coming by!
Appreciate the kind words and comments.
Take care and God Bless ~


Mel said...

What a lovely finish! :)

Carolyn NC said...

Great job!

Sea said...

you finished that quick...much quicker than my giraffes moving

lenna said...

Sea ~ Yours is much bigger, mine are small. Soon I will tackle a big one.
Thanks for coming by.
Do you have a blog?
God Bless ~

Parker said...

Terrific !!!

Yoyo said...

What a stunning piece. Congratulations on a marvelous finish and bigger congrats for finishing up a pesky UFO!!!!!!!