Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Newbie, St. George and the Dragon

Hello everybody. I've just joined your lovely group and am looking forward to seeing more wonderful UFO progress. I've read almost the whole blog, you have some beautiful pieces in the works, I've really enjoyed catching myself up. So I'll add mine I guess.

I have a ton of UFOs, I'm one of those dreadful Serial Starters. A few weeks ago I looked at my stash, then at my wish list, then checked out my UFOs...I really have to finish something before the wish list is even considered again! I figured I should start with the oldest one first (and I notice it's not the oldest one on this blog -LOL-).

Here is my 12 year old UFO. This was a 'car project' that I started when DH and I took a five week driving-across-the-US vacation. This piece became a UFO because back then DH and I used to take several weekends a year and at least one week each summer and drive off somewhere and I intended the piece to remain a 'car project'. Well, life happens and we stopped scurrying around so much and somehow I just never picked this up 'at home'. I decided to stitch on this about 3 weeks ago. I have been working on the right hand side border and have advanced that about 3 inches. I'm not sure, I guess I've completed about 75 or 80% of the total. I'm trying to keep the b/s up as I go (except for blending filament) because this piece has so many fractional stitches that you can't see the design without the b/s in place, besides I hate backstitching and there's way too much in this piece to do it all at the end.

St. George & the Dragon (July 1996 - UFO)
Donna Vermillion Giampa
28 ct beige unknown evenweave, suggested fibers
As of August 25, 2009.

One of my BBs has a UFO Tuesday group which I just joined so my plan is to stitch at least some every Tuesday, hopefully I should have weekly updates. I know I'm a slow stitcher and I have never paid the slightest attention to how long it takes to get from point A to point B so I have no idea and wouldn't even be able to guess at a finish date. Getting it finished is my objective, I don't care when. I really do love this piece, so I hope I can stick with it.


One stitch at a time,

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Sea said...

:O So many new ufos since I joined!
I always leave the backstitch until it feels final ..putting in those last stitches.

Shelleen said...

that piece is so pretty.

Loretta said...

Welcome aboard,Yoyo!!! Looking forward to seeing your progress!!!

Carolyn NC said...

Great stitching - can't wait to see this one progress!

Jen said...

Fractionals and blends whilst stitching in the car? If I were doing this in the car it would have become a UFO well before it got this far. I take my hat off to you. I do lots of stitching in the car but not this complex. I look forwrd to seeing the progress now you are no longer travelling.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful project! We'll cheer you on - invite us to the party when it's finished!!! :)

Mel said...

This is a fantastic piece! I may have to get my hands on a copy *toddles off to the internet to see if it's available*
Can't wait to see it grow!

Mel said...

Well it's still available... and there are so many other ones by then that are awesome too. Glad to have discovered them. Thanks!

grannyanne said...

What a fabulous design. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy sitching.

Lynne Laura said...


You do such beautiful work & I so understand unfinished projects!

Thank you for your sweet words and it is so nice to meet another blogger.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura