Sunday, 23 August 2009

3 UFOs

Thanks for letting me join.I currently have 3 cross-stitch UFOs lying around.
I intend to tackle them one at once.

The first is going to be the one in the photo. It's Giraffes from Wild Babies by Mary Ellen Yanich, Jeanette Crew Designs.

I started this last summer, but ended up putting it to one side once the light started to go in the evenings. It is intended to be a birth sampler for a colleague. All those browns are the reason for my putting it away.

I should finish this before the little one who it is intended for can finish it off herself. :D

I will work at least half an hour a day on it in order to get it finished, and will post when I have finished. As you can see, I don't have an awful lot more to do.


Jen said...

Welcome to the blog! I can see what you mean about the browns. I'm sure you will get lots of encouragement here. My baby thing took 13 years to complete so you are doing a lot better than me. I look forward to seeing your next post.

Carolyn NC said...

Beautiful design! Looking forward to seeing the progress on this one!

Mel said...

Welcome! What a cute design. I look forward to seeing it grow!

Sharon said...

I'm not much of a "brown" stitcher either. Hang in there - at half an hour a day, you'll be done soon!! :)

grannyanne said...

I am sure you will finish this in time. I have just posted another UFO not the one that has been hidden away for over ten years. The support you get on this blog will help you finish in no time. Best Wished for a speedy finish.

Flo said...

What a lovely design. I'm quite sure you'll have it finished in time. This blog will help you along, the great comments and help you get on this blog are brill. Happy stitching to you. Looking forward to your next pic.