Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Changing UFOs...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to change which UFO I will try and tackle this year...turns out the New Zealand map project got walked on by my cats and the fabric is picked (like a run in hose) in a very bad location. I had not done much, and was thinking of changing fabrics anyway, so that will be a new start in the future as I am retiring the old start. Probably will salvage the linen (a rather loose weave, and not my favorite) for small projects.

I'm going to pull out a tote bag I originally started for my DD a year ago, but now want to keep for myself (I did a different one for her birthday). I will have to take a picture in it's current state, which I will add later. I think starting on the smaller UFOs I'll do a better job of getting at least one done this year!

ETA 9/11/09.....I'm afraid this UFO is also going to the frog the time I frog every mistake on this tote, there will be little left, and my enthusiasm has waned! Time to dig into the UFO box again!


Flo said...

Hi there, Sorry abou tyour UFO, Pesky cats -they get everywhere. Still never mind hope you manage to save you fabric. Looking forward to seeing the Tote Bag pic. Happy stitching to you.

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry about your "cat"astrophe. (Couldn't resist - I'm such a pest!) :)
I hope you'll find the totebag a nice change - looking forward to seeing your pics!