Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Sail Away . . .

This is one I have been working
on for a couple of weeks.
It's a Shepard's Bush pattern with
silk threads and the fabric included
in the kit. I joined this SAL and everybody
else is done or almost done so I have
been stitching away.
I have enjoyed it very much.

Sorry it is so small I will take a picture
and download it to my computer
and send a better shot.
I changed the alphabet so I had
to take out some of the speciality
stitches as the fabric was not
big enough.

After le froge (frog) made a visit
at my house I took the
second and third verse out
6 times. Yes count with me
SIX times!
I had decided that if I screwed it up
one more time I was not going
to pick up a needle again
for 6 days.

Thankfully, it did work out the 7th time.

I didn't feel good yesterday and I should
not have even picked up that needle.

So after I got the verses in and counted
to make sure I had room to finish
I did the house outline and the grass
Finally at 2:30 I decided to go to bed.

I will put this away and work on
something else for a few days.
I am anxious to get it done but I am
rather sick of it.
Those frogs will do that to you rather


Mel said...

It sounds lovely! But I cannot see it as the picture is very small. :(

grannyanne said...

Those frogs are a darn nuisance it doesn't seem to matter where in the world you are they find you. Hope you will be frog free for a few days.

Justflo said...

Don't let the frogs get you down. You'll soon have it finished. I'm looking forward to your new pic. Happy stitching

Jen said...

As we all know frogs plague us at different times. I hope yours are now banished to the pond and stay there. Looking forward to seeing a larger pic.

Sharon said...

Drat those frogs! This is a lovely piece and I'm sure that all your efforts will result in a beautiful finish!!!