Monday, 12 October 2009


I now know why this particular project has been causing a log jam. Or should I say project jam.
The person who it is intended for is making my worklife quite difficult at the moment, so I have very little incentive to finish it.
I will add a picture tomorrow.
Just when you are unhappy in a place, you don't work on related things as they make you more so.


grannyanne said...

A similar thing happened to me and I must confess it is still unfinished. I still have other UFOs to do before I get round to it. I will at some point because it would be a waste of money not to complete it. You seemed to be so near to finishing I am sure you will do so. Best of luck.

Jen said...

Do you have another UFO? If so how about working on that for a bit intil your work situation improves.

Sea said...

this one might be shelved until spring now, due to the close browns, although I have week off soon and there should be plenty of daylight. That would probably get me 99% done..barring backstitch

Shelleen said...

it is looking great!

Justflo said...

Put your coat on and have a walk on the seafront and let your cares blow away. Then try a bit of stitching. Have you another UFO you could do so that you can rotate them a bit? I sewed on my UFO and then changed to another piece that cheered me up more and then back to the UFO etc.etc. I've nearly got to the end now. It'll look lovely when it's finished.
Happy stitching to you.