Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Baby Love Progress

Evening all... well it's evening in London, UK :-)

I couldn't wait until the end of the month to post my latest update as I was excited by my own progress. The backstitch has done it's job & really defined the design. There isn't much to do so I just need to stick with & I'll soon have a finish on my hands.

My main stitching day has been a Monday, its the only day that twins are at nursery but next week is half term so they'll be at home & we also have house guests that week so I'm afraid my progress may slow somewhat.

I'm looking forward to picking out my next UFO to tackle.

Happy Stitching All

Lisa xx

Lisa's Stitching Life


Marcy said...

Looking Good! Backstitching really makes the details pop. Enjoy the time with your house guests.

Jen said...

The backstitch really does give this definition. If you are thinking about your next UFO things then you mustn't be far off finishing this one. Another picture to put on our sidebar of success!

CindyMae said...

Oh that is looking awesome!! Great progress!

Justflo said...

You have certainly made progress. The back stitching takes time but it makes a lot of difference. You must be pleased. Happy stitching to you.

Pop in to my blog when you've time. It 's quite new and I still make mistakes but never mind.


Mel said...

Lovely progress! :)

grannyanne said...

This is looking good. You'll soon be onto the next one. Happy stitching.