Saturday, 17 October 2009

Big ~ Sail Away . . .

is coming closer to the sea.

I have enlarged the stitching photos.

Now you can actually sea them! He He!
I have really enjoyed stitching this pattern,
frogs and all.
I have changed some of the colors in some
of the motifs.
I changed the alphabet so I had to leave
out some of the in between stitches so the
alphabet would fit.

I also put in this picture so you could sea
the little persons' details.
He has on those sissy heals like they wore
back then.
I have the windows and door in, the tree
finished with the trunk.
The lighthouse almost finished and the
grass done underneath the lighthouse.
The clouds are done and the boat is
floating in the air.
Tomorrow I will work on the water and the
rest of the hill and sheep.
I hope to finish it the first of next week.

As usual, thanks for looking and leaving your
precious comments. I love hearing from you all.
God Bless ~


Justflo said...

Hi there, Lenna, This is looking good The colours you have chosen suit it beautifully. I am looking forward to your next post. Happy stitching

Loretta said...

Looking good!!!!

Lisa said...

This looks lovely Lenna, look forward to seeing the finish next week :-)

Marcy said...

What a nice piece. I'm not familiar with the finished product so I look forward to seeing it completed.