Monday, 16 November 2009


Here I am again with yet another post. I've been working quite a lot on my TW . Back stitching takes such a long time doesn't it? While plodding along I discovered that I had missed out a flower completely and a couple of leaves, not to mention the 1/4 stitches. What a horror. Still not to be daunted I have put in the missing bits and straightened my shoulders, taken a deep breath and kept stitching.
I know it is probably very difficult to really see exactly what I have done so I'll give you a quick run down. The blending filament is completed on the horse's head and saddle area, also on the bottom left and top right fans. The Horse's tail and mane are now fully backstitched and I have redone some of the ribbons in the mane because I was not happy with their appearance.
I've completed a little more of the outer frame and have backstitched the majority of it (thank goodness). There is one big flaw in all this there is a part of the ribbon section of the frame(on the top towards the right) that I used the wrong blend in so I have to unpick that colour and redo with the correct blend (wish me luck).
Once again I can only say THANKS for all your support.
Keep stitching out there.


grannyanne said...

This is looking really great. It will be spectacular when finished and framed. Happy stitching.

Lisa said...

This is looking wonderful, will be amazing to see all framed up. Not long now.

Karen said...

Looking good! Keep on stitching...

Jen said...

Could you be our next finish? Keep going, almost there.

Sea said...

The carousel horse is looking beautiful, almost there! :D
Both stitch and knitting have had to be shelved today as I hit my hand on the newel post bruising the back of it and knocking off some "bark" [biggish piece of skin] don't want to spoil anything by bleeding on it.
I'm sure I have the same design hidden in my stash somewhere, makes me want to get it out and get working.