Monday, 15 January 2018

I'm back . . .

So, I did a little stitching after the last post, more than a year ago and then got distracted with an obligation piece.  That's not really the right sentiment but it's when you want to stitch a piece for a friend and there is a target date.  Missed the date, no surprise on my part, but did finish the piece.  So hurriedly did I frame it that I have no pics.  Argh.  So back to my dragon.

Having a finish inspired me to get Celeste back out and knuckle down on finishing it.  I did more of the gold lattice/scales, the front arm and neck are all that's left.  All the cross stitches are in, most of the back-stitching is in and I've started doing the couching in gold braid around the outside squares and the curves, you might catch a glint at the bottom.  The lattice work behind the dragon and beading hasn't been started at all.  There are supposed to be blue/pink beads in the lattice work, which goes everywhere that's white around the dragon right now but I think they might be too much.  I might just put on the gold beads, they go in the blue field and the around the woven ribbon in the corners, and leave off the blue ones which would surround the dragon.  Here is a link to someone who left them off and I like how clean it looks.  I'm thinking about changing the colors used in background too, maybe going with blue and green rather than blue and mauve.  I'll decide when I start stitching.

Hoping to get you inspired to start again!

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