Monday, 19 February 2018

Finished at last!!!

Happy Dance!  I finally finished Celeste.  I thought the end would go faster with the Winter Olympics on but it turns out that's not good stitching TV.  You actually have to watch, can't just get away with listening.  So without further ado.

Some changes were made which I have to admit had I finished this back when I started it (2002 I think) I wouldn't have made but my stitching experience over the last 25 years has made me more comfortable changing the parts of a pattern that I don't really like.
I changed the background to just the single thread of light blue and added a light blue bead, size 11 I think, in the center of each mimicking more traditional Chinese pottery patterns.  The original  bead called for is a purple/blue bead and there were 4 at each cross section.
Also I changed the bright gold beads to a darker antique gold, size 15, it might be a hair small but I couldn't find that color in the next size up.  I like the subtlety and think it matches the couching better.  I also left out the gold beads that are supposed to be in the center of each woven diamond in the corners, I felt it was too crowded.

Now on to my next UFO which I don't want to take 15 years to finish!  Chatelaine's Chinese Garden.  I just have the 3 sides left, they are basically a repeat of the top.  Note, the colors are a little washed out in this photo.

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