Monday, 31 May 2010

Nearly Half Way There.

Hi there UFO followers. Here's my update on Breaktime. There have been one or two frog visits but they have all deserted for the time being. The pictures show the last few weeks, frogging and redoing and then finally progress. I'll soon be changing my out look and going for the head and shoulder part. Now that will be interesting. Next time I'll take a photo unrolled again. Keep watching.

Also at long last is the framed Carousel Horse. I am very pleased with the finished result and all the grumbles and moans while I was sewing it are forgotten. Many thanks to Chris at Nimble Thimble for such great framing.

Looking forward to seeing some more of your progress, to all of you out there Enjoy your stitching and Happy stitching to you.


Mel said...

Ohh... Carousel is just awesome! :)

Breaktime is cruising!

grannyanne said...

Love the carousel. Your clown is growing steadily. Happy sewing

Lisa said...

Your clown is coming along really good now & Carousel looks amazing all framed up. Where will it hang?

Susan said...

Beautiful finish on Carousel!

Jen said...

A fantastic finish and great progress on break time