Monday, 1 February 2010


Here's the UFO I decided to pull out of the pile to start working on: Zentangle. This was a project I started this fall with the German Marquoir Yahoo group. I made great progress--stitching 9 of the 11 installments, and then the holidays came, the project got tucked into a drawer, and you know the rest...

I'll be stitching on this during my lunchtime every weekday, and I hope to have it finished by the end of February.

distributed by the German Marquoir Yahoo Group
with the permission of the designer
35 count linen
HDF silk floss, 2 over 2


Justflo said...

This looks a very intriguing design. I like the colours.
Keep it up

Happy stitching.

Carolyn NC said...

And I followed the exact same sequence of events as you. Good luck - you'll be done in no time. And it's gorgeous!

Mel said...

Very pretty! Looking forward to more progress.

grannyanne said...

I haven't heard of this group. How do you find it and join? It is an usual design. This blog is great for introducing unfamiliar desins. Love the colours.

Jen said...

I have seen Carolyn's finish on here blog. This will look great when done.