Saturday, 24 April 2010

Santas finished

I have to confess that I have not done any of my Murky Manor UFO but have done some work on the UFO I have been stitching for Yoyo's Christmas SAL. The first photograph shows where it was at the beginning and the second the final four santas which I finished yesterday. I have still to make them into ornaments but that can wait for a while. It looks from the blog as though most people are like me and found it difficult to work on UFOs perhaps it is the coming of Spring which makes us want to start new things. I must knuckle down to Murky Manor next month. Happy stitching everyone.


MrsB said...

Gorgeous santas!

I find it difficult to work on my UFO's at this time of year, too...It must be the start of Spring, as you say :o)

Lisa said...

Yay.... a finish... well done you.

I'm the same as MrsB.. having lots of trouble putting stitches in UFO's right now. I'll be back.

Justflo said...

Congrats. on your finishes. They look brilliant.

Good luck with Murky Manor.##Happy stitching to you.

Jen said...

Well done on another finish! Looking forward to seeing Murky Manor.

Mel said...

Wow, great progress! :)